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businnes english 2 (franchising)

Name : Dwi Sukowati
NPM : 10207366
KLS : 4EA12

1) Coffee Toffee
Toffee Coffee is a beverage retail business, particularly coffee, cocoa and tea. Coffee Toffee Indonesia, which located in Surabaya, starting 2006, offered a business opportunity (opportunities) to the candidate - the candidate and potential partners have the same passion with us in the world of coffee. What we offer is an opportunity to try to gain advantage by doing what you love, the world of coffee! A exotica business experience in aroma, flavor and sensation of the seed - the best Arabica and Robusta beans. Therefore, we call our business is 'fun and full business lifestyle'! Coffee Toffee will assist in every step you run this business to achieve your dreams. With the cooperation based on mutual openness and spirit enterpeneurship, Coffee Toffee will take the lead in blended-coffee industry in Indonesia.
For more info, visit www.coffeetoffeeindonesia.com


CONCEPTS Coffee to go! Take away coffee is a business concept where not many competitors.
We have competitive prices that Sagat with top quality. This we accomplished by processing and producing his own most of our raw materials, maintaining good relationships with local suppliers, looking for ways and substitute materials to reduce costs prduksi and continuous search of ways - how to improve product quality.
Our products are not less good than taste, quality or packaging of the product - a similar product by the players - the other major players.

With the concept of 'a coffee shop with an initial capital of affordable', we are more flexible in reaching the location - a strategic location near you. Where this is not going to be done by a great coffee shop.

In the last 5 years, lifestyles and consumption patterns to the increasing of coffee drinks as part of the lifestyle.

Coffee Toffee first time in Surabaya

First Coffee Toffee Outlet stood at Jalan Surabaya Dharmahusada 181.
On 19 October 2006. Maybe almost a year.

Coffee Toffee Hopefully that will be this year will be more advanced.

Like a baby who was merangkat to learn to walk.

Go ahead Coffee Toffee.

Taken from the web site Coffee Toffee http://www.coffeetoffeeindonesia.com center

Coffee Toffee


Coffee Toffee try to provide a new concept in providing coffee-based beverages in a variety of taste and specially formulated using the concept drive-tru/take away. This concept was chosen because by seeing an increasing mobility of society and market size are available and there is no business concept like this.

Point of uniqueness that we take, is the value of practical / efficient. This method is expected to be a strategy in the face of competitors - competitors who have been there (the franchise - a franchise of local and international).

Next question, why coffee? Well, based on the observation that we do in daily activities - day, we see the phenomenon that most people consume these beverages as well as coupled with the fact that no / not yet have a business that provides this drink in the drive-tru in Indonesia.

Therefore we say here that the opportunities and large market segments are still available!

Coffee Toffee present to answer the market demand for a presence service that allows to enjoy coffee with high taste, with affordable prices without leaving the routine / their desks.

2) "Five Star Quality, Price Foot Five" - that's the slogan of D'Cost Seafood, one of the interesting restaurants that you can visit to enjoy seafood or a seafood dish with your family and your relatives. Although the price of five feet, but you will enjoy your meal in the room restaurant with a modern atmosphere. A variety of processed seafood with a delicious and professional service you can enjoy here.
D'Cost Seafood has many branches in major cities of Indonesia. Starting from the Kemang, Jakarta, and then spread to various strategic locations in Jakarta such as Kelapa Gading, Puri Indah, Bekasi, Cibubur, Cikokol, Depok and BSD. In the big cities of Indonesia, D'Cost Seafood also opened outlets in Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, Bali, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru and Makassar. Each booth D'Cost Seafood large, so enough to accommodate many people. But if you visit the D'Cost Seafood on a weekend or holiday, be prepared to wait for an empty place. You will be able to wait in the waiting room that has been provided until there is an empty table for you to live with relatives and family.Once you get a table, the waiters were friendly D'Cost Seafood will soon serve you. What is unique is the servants are equipped with PDA as a device required them to serve guests who order food. Every order you will be directly accounted for using a PDA that is connected wirelessly (wireless) with kitchen and cashier. Then an online order you will be sent right away into the kitchen to prepare food that you ordered. Of course this method will speed up waiting time ordering your food.
Five Feet Prices on D'Cost Seafood
Food prices in D'Cost Seafood is quite cheap for such a classy restaurant. Even for white rice, with enough to pay Rp. 1.000, - per person You can order rice as much until you actually full without additional charge. For drinks like fresh tea and ice tea fresh, you can also refill your drink as much with sufficient lump sum of Rp. 100, - for fresh tea and Rp. 250, - for iced tea to drink as much freshwater per person. On the menu that is served, you can see the different menus sorted by price. Menu divided into two namely food and beverages. For some foods, the cheapest price of Rp. 1000, - the most expensive up to Rp. 52 800, -. As for the drinks menu, the cheapest price is USD. 100, - to the most expensive USD. 5.000, - for a variety of juice.

Five Star Quality at D'Cost Seafood

D'Cost Seafood offers a variety of cuisines varying sea. Food is prepared with delicious even though it's cheap. You can order a wide variety of cephalopods like squid fried flour, butter fried calamari, squid sauce plain. You also can enjoy a dish of shrimp and prawn mayonnaise pancet. For this type of fish, is a variety of catfish, carp fish, grouper, white pompano, snapper, fish and fish baronang black pomfret. A variety of fish is processed and presented with a variety of processes. For example there are baked, served with sauce or plain, with butter sauce, fried butter, or with a refined black pepper.
There is also a crab with a variety of preparations such as crab butter sauce, crab sauce plain, black pepper crabs and chilli salt soft shelled crabs. You can even order a jumbo crab eggs and crab in a particular season. You also can enjoy the green mussel which is delicious here.
In addition to typical seafood menu, you can also enjoy the other foods. For example, saute spinach, bean sprouts salted fish, baby kailan oyster sauce, vegetable acids, and various vegetables, petai and sambal.
Eat well and Satisfied
Of course you and your family or relatives will enjoy dishes at D'Cost Seafood. Do not forget to make plans well in advance, because for the next booking or additional, if the visitors who crowded conditions, your order will be longer than your original order. In addition, portions of each menu is served is not too big so it must be planned carefully when ordering the number of servings of food.
By day, this restaurant is open at 11.00 until 15.00. While the evening is open from 18:00 until 22:00. D'Cost Seafood alternative worthy of a culinary destination with your family and your relatives with a modern atmosphere and inexpensive prices. Enjoy your meal!

D'Cost Seafood
JamBuka Lunch: 11:00 to 15:00
Night Hours: 18:00 to 22:00
Price per Menu: Rp. 100, - to Rp. 60.000, - There are in several major cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, Denpasar, Makasar, Pekanbaru and Banjarmasin.

3) Bami Insane, indeed Gile It!

Food noodles are a popular food in Indonesian society. Indonesian people have a habit of eating rice noodles as a meal replacement.
Based on existing data, Indonesia is the world's No. 2 consumer after China country that consumes most of noodles per year. Therefore, the birth was a noodle restaurant Insane meet consumers' wants and needs of the Indonesian people who like the food is delicious and healthy noodle but with an affordable price. Once eating noodles INSANE, you are guaranteed satisfaction and want to come back to enjoy our products at a later time.
Bami Insane, indeed Gile It!
Bami Mad – Outlet About Us
Bami INSANE stood since May 1, 2006. Built by the younger generation, Bami INSANE emerged as a new player in the restaurant noodles are ready to compete with the old brands. From since its appearance until now, Bami ins and outs INSANE experienced business travel, which marks a noodle restaurant metamorphosis INSANE.
From just a simple cart, then went and rented a shophouse. Hose 2 years running, Bami INSANE trying to develop themselves by opening new branches. The concept of a strong business evidenced by Bami INSANE to get the award of a business competition that followed in 2008, named as one of the Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2008 winners of the newspaper Bisnis Indonesia.

Bami Crazy - Young Entrepreneur Awards 2008
Our excellence lies in the strength of the product where the raw materials the product is produced by Bami INSANE. The raw material is raw material choices made noodles INSANE have a distinctive taste and delicious to be enjoyed.

Menu Bami Mad
More than 80 menu can be enjoyed by consumers Indonesia
Crazy noodles - Menu
Franchise Bami INSANE

Indonesia is the No. 2 noodle consuming country in the world after china country. This shows how very large potential market noodle restaurant in Indonesia. As one of the noodle restaurant that has the power of the concept, we invite you to join and cooperate with us.

Bami Excellence INSANE

• Brand yg Unique

• dg varied menu which is more than 80 menu

• Mie own production, quality awake, healthy, and kosher

• The selling price of products affordable to consumers who

• Start-up cost affordable reply

• BEP relatively quick reply

± requisite investment of Rp 125 million (area ± 60 m2)

A metamorphosis Bami Mad at the beginning of 2006 stood
area occupies only 24 m2, while in 2010 in one
there is one branch which occupies the area to reach 1300 m2
once unimaginable when to start ............

Investments have included:
- Franchise fee of 5 years
- Equipment and supplies
- Marketing tools
- Training Employees
- Renovations (painting)

Investment does not include:
- Rent place
- The taxes according to local government regulations
- To the outside Greater Jakarta, not including: the cost of surveys, equipment delivery accommodation, accommodation assistance
HR personnel, and investment costs of production machinery

Provisions relating Greater Foreign investment costs:
- Not required to hold all the equipment needs of the franchisor, can be held in its territory
- What must be paid to the franchisor:
a. Franchise fee
b. Training employees
c. Employee Uniforms

4) Sate Culinary Business Opportunities

Satay is a food that is very well known people. These foods are high protein food that fits perfectly in the meal with warm rice.
There are a variety of kebabs from the various regions in Indonesia. Among others, satay chicken and mutton satay. Satay chicken and goat satay can be enjoyed with two kinds of condiments, namely herbs and spices kecap.Sate peanut satay chicken and goats are usually sold with soup or curry goat, which is made by using a mixture of bone and meat goat that is not used as skewers.
Target Consumers
All ages and certainly likes this type of cuisine. Starting from children to the elderly, even meyukai sate.
Business Info
Meat goats are used for satay is usually the thighs because the more tender, so much better. Processing of meat goats must be careful not hard to sate. Before baking, goat meat should be wrapped using papaya leaves to make it more tender. Young lamb is also more lenient than the old goat meat. The range of age of young goats goat satay is good for 3-5 months.
Sate Traders can sell on the main street near the market, offices, housing, or the area around campus. Usually between traders sate has a rule that for certain areas there is only one merchant. So, pay attention to the area around the location before deciding to sell at a place so as not to harm each other.
The price of a portion of goat satay Rp 10.000, - s / d Rp 12.000, -. One serving typically contains 10 sticks. The price of a share of less expensive chicken satay, which is Rp 8,000, - s / d Rp 10.000, - contains 10 sticks. Price does not include rice cake or rice. Rice cake and rice prices around Rp 2,000, - per serving. While the price of soup or curry goat around Rp 7,000, - per serving.

These foods are well known and appreciated by the public, let alone the many types of kebabs on offer. So wherever open this business would have the potential to be visited.
Many competitors with the same type of merchandise with prices varying, so if you want to open a business sate must be smart to make something different and have a taste and competitive prices as well.

Promotion can be done by creating a banner that read kind of business that is placed around the tent or wagon. Banners can be equipped pictures or photographs of interest so that the satay can bring visitors. Continued promotion can be done by creating a brochure, especially if serving messages between (delivery order), serve the order and goat satay roll to akikah, weddings, and birthdays.
Key to Success
Maintaining the quality and taste way include a tasty marinade and the meat is tender (for goat satay). Soft goat satay indirectly to expand market share, because it began the children and adults can eat it easily.
Location is always bustling place of business potential as satay. The market share of food is so good at upper middle. The reason the price of one serving satay is considered quite expensive for some people. The location near the office, residential, street or shopping center is a strategic place of business a few examples of satay.

5) Business Opportunity Shop Tents

In running a business, can be started with the simplest stage. If you dream of having a home business or a restaurant meal, but is still hindered by capital, you do not get discouraged, start with the first step for example, start a business by opening a shop tent.
Now the shop has become a tent instead of dining options for urban communities. In addition to an affordable price, it did not lose to in the offer restaurant meals. This is the one who actually makes business opportunities stall tent becomes a place fit to eat while chatting with family and friends.
Target Consumers
Targeting consumers shop tent can include all ages, both young and old can be targeted consumers shop tent
Business Info
Before running the stall tent, enrich yourself with knowledge and skills, this will create new innovations that will further captivate the market. Then know the market tastes. Find out about the menus of the most appreciated by the public.
The price offered is far more affordable than in restaurants. It was also not much different from those in the restaurant.
Consumers will experience boredom with the menu offered.
In addition to providing a stall tent on banners. The most effective marketing is to give a menu with a sense of consistent and superior service. This will create word of mouth promotion of the consumer.

Key to Success
Always create the innovation that consumers are not bored. And also provide a unique name on each menu that you offer to create a sense of curiosity to try it.

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